Broken Blood Vessels on Face Treatment in Frankston

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Have You Got Broken Blood Vessels On Your Face?

Broken blood vessels – also called broken capillaries – are usually found on and around the face. These broken vessels sit just underneath the skin, and appear as blotchy red spots and lines, typically clustered around the nose, cheeks, and chin. Similar to the spider veins that appear on people’s legs, broken blood vessels can appear on the face as tiny little webs of red lines.

There are a few causes of broken blood vessels on the face. Long-term sun exposure can cause damage to the capillaries under your skin, as well as other skin conditions such as rosacea, which causes consistent flushing of the face, or a genetic predisposition to broken vessels. Another factor attributed to broken blood vessels on your face is alcohol consumption; binge drinking and heavy and sustained alcohol consumption can result in spider veins, as can physical damage such as bruising.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of broken blood vessels on your face, Doctor Vein has a treatment for you.

Get Treatment for Broken Blood Vessels

At Doctor Vein, we offer two types of treatments for broken blood vessels, both performed by an experienced medical doctor at our Frankston clinic.

Vascular Laser treatment involves a highly specialised, medical grade laser that targets broken blood vessels of all sizes without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The laser light is absorbed by the vessels to seal the vein.

The other treatment we offer is sclerotherapy, which involved injecting a safe medically-approved solution into the broken vein via a tiny needle. This solution causes the vein to collapse, and eventually dissolve and disappear.

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We are pleased to report that most broken blood vessels and red spots will disappear completely during your treatment, with final and permanent results indicated just 3-4 weeks post-treatment. Your treatment plan may vary depending on the size of your vessels, but typically 1-3 treatments are required.

There is a common misconception that broken blood vessel treatment is very painful, but at Doctor Vein in Frankston, our methods result in low discomfort for our patients. Some report a slight stinging sensation during the laser treatment, and the needle used for sclerotherapy are tiny enough to only cause a slight prick sensation. Both are generally very well tolerated.

So if you’re sick of frustrating broken vessels on your face, call Doctor Vein on (03) 9781 0646 or make an enquiry.