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Don’t let rosacea, redness or spider veins affect your confidence.

Facial Vein Removal

Doctor Vein offers permanent and effective Facial Vein Removal and Reduction.

Using the latest Laser technologies and Sclerotherapy injections to safely and effectively remove vascular veins and reduce visible skin imperfections.

What sets us apart is that facial vein removal is only performed by our highly trained medical doctor. Why trust your face to anyone else?

What do we treat?

We treat Facial Vessels, Broken Capillaries, Rosacea and Red Patches.

Broken blood vessels or broken capillaries are commonly found around the face. These broken blood vessels lie just below the surface of the skin. They can be seen as blotchy red spots around the nose, cheeks and chin. Sometimes they can appear as spider veins similar to what is found on your legs.

Doctor Vein can remove unwanted red and blue veins around your nose, cheeks, face and chest instantly with our medical grade laser technology. Laser Facial Vein Removal and Sclerotherapy is the fastest and most effective way of removing vascular veins, perfect for reducing visible imperfections and improving the appearance of your skin. This treatment is relatively painless, safe and offers instant results.

Who is this treatment suitable for?

Anyone with is concerned about broken veins that are visible on their face and body. This treatment is suitable for women and men of any age.

How does it work?

At Doctor Vein facial vein removal is only performed by our experienced Medical doctor.

We offer two types of treatments for removal of facial veins. During your initial consultation our doctor will advise on the best course of treatment for your vein removal – it may involve a combination of both treatment options: Vascular Laser and Sclerotherapy.

Vascular Laser
A highly specialised medical grade laser targets the smallest to largest abnormal vessels and can eliminate the broken vessels immediately. The laser light is absorbed by the vessels sealing the vein, without harming the surrounding tissue.

At Doctor Vein, we use the Excel V which is the gold standard worldwide for all vascular lesions producing excellent and proven clinical results.

This involves injection of a safe medical solution through a tiny needle into the diseased vein to cause the vein wall to collapse. The veins dissolve and disappear as the body gradually absorbs them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect after my treatment?
Most facial veins & red spots will disappear completely during treatment. The final permanent results will be evident 3 to 4 weeks after treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments you require may vary, depending upon the size of your veins and red spots. It is common to require 1-3 treatments to clear most facial veins.

Is the facial vein removal treatment painful?
Some patients report feeling a slight stinging sensation during their laser Facial Vein Removal treatment followed by some redness which usually settles in 2-4 hours. The needles used for sclerotherapy are very small, patients report a small prick sensation that is very well tolerated.

What causes these unsightly broken blood vessels and capillaries?


How do I prevent broken veins on my face?

The best way to prevent facial veins if you are not already genetically predisposed to them, is to wear sun protection at all times. Avoiding extreme weather and even saunas will help prevent dilatation of vessels on the face. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption on a daily basis is both good for your health as well as prevents broken blood vessels on your face.

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